02. 02. 2016 @ Antonija Eremut


Category: cultural heritage GPS: LAT: 43.6211389583 / LONG 16.6535949614

A pass between the hill Trapošnik to the east and Čemernica to the west is one of the places where we can still see the Roman road in its almost original appearance. Although the so- -called "Splitski put" (the road of Split) was built across the hill in the 19th century, at the top of the pass, somewhat to the east of the new road, the Roman road is still preserved. On the southern side it goes towards the wells in the village Botići in Krušvar, and on the northern slope of the hill it goes towards Vojnić in a slight decline.

Importance of this pass was apparently known already in prehistoric times when on top of Trapošnik a fort and several stone objects for rites were built.