02. 02. 2016 @ Antonija Eremut

Lovreć, old church of St Spirit

Category: cultural heritage GPS: LAT: 43.4908919781 / LONG 16.9817400165

The old parish church of St Spirit with the cemetery was probably built on the position where previously used to be an early medieval church that used to have a cemetery with stećaks (medieval tombstones) around it. One stećak is still preserved in the chapel next to the church entry, where it used to serve as an external altar. The church got its current form in the middle of the 18th century. According to the inscription on its facade the church was consecrated in July 1759 by the bishop from Makarska, Stipan Blašković. There is the "preslica" of a particular relevance where can be seen the signature of the artisan Matij (Kirigin?) from Omiš, who left on the rear wall of the apse his characteristic relief with the Christ's monogram, a wounded Heart of Jesus, the year 1755, and the initials M.M. In the vertex of "preslica" there is a bell from 1725. The main altar in the church is made out of wood and it was produced in the 19th century in the local altar workshop of the family Rako from Imotski. On the altar there is a picture on the wood, The Descent of the Holy Spirit, which was created in the '30s of the 18th century. In the direction of north from the church, on the prominent hill with the cross, there are the remains of a prehistoric fortification and a fortress with the well-preserved bulwarks, the entry, and the tower on the top.

The new parish church, also dedicated to St Spirit, was built in 1936/37. Interestingly, its main altar with the baroque statues of St Thomas the Apostle and St Pope Sylvester used to be in the church of St Thomas in Zadar, which doesn't exist nowadays. Side altars are transferred from the Church of Our Lady of Good Health in Split.