02. 02. 2016 @ Antonija Eremut

Lovreć , Mramori/Kamenjak

Category: cultural heritage GPS: LAT: 43.4727749974 / LONG 17.0297979936

Although it is rather small, the archaeological site Mramori or Kamenjak, is one of the most important sites in Croatia. In the 15th century here developed a cemetery with stećaks, one of the numerous cemeteries along the route of the Roman road Salona-Narona, which was used also in the Middle Ages. Of the entire cemetery today there are around 20   stećaks preserved (panels, coffins, and ridged tombstones), and a big cross from the southern side of the road. Almost all the stećci are decorated with characteristic reliefs: rosette-stars, new Moon, crosses, spirals, tendrils, human figures in a circle, scenes with hunters, horsemen, and deer.  On the pedestal of the biggest rigged tombstone there is preserved the inscription written in the Bosnian Cyrillic which speaks about the decedent Vlkoja (Vukoja) Bogdanić, who died while he was fighting for his master. The same inscription states that this bilig (stećak) was made by a "blacksmith" Jurina. Jurina's workshop is characterised properly by stećci of this form and the reliefs where dominate anthropomorphic lilies, spirally-twisted arcades on the columns, scenes from hunting and combats. Stećci from this workshop can be found on a wide area from the area of Cetina, across the area of Imotski and part of Herzegovina, up to Kupres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.