02. 02. 2016 @ Antonija Eremut

Cemetery and tomb stones Crkvina, Klobuk

Category: cultural heritage GPS: LAT: 43.2616877936571 / LONG 17.4540997864644

A prominent hill Crkvina, Klobuk (146m), is located on the right bank of River Mlada, near the road Klobuk – Ljubuški. Stone chapel and cemetery are on the top of a craggy hill with a stunning view of the field of Vitina and Ljubuški. Around the old oak tree there was built a stone wall within which there are parts of biligs, among which some were embedded in the chapel and the others are scattered along the slope of the modern cemetery. At the moment there can be seen 15 exemplars of biligs. Even the chapel itself is built on the remains of a prehistoric stone accumulation, so it can be said that the continuity of cemetery on the Church has lasted from the prehistory until today.