02. 02. 2016 @ Antonija Eremut

Ancient and medieval site on Mladima, Veljaci

Category: cultural heritage GPS: LAT: 43.2405224929695 / LONG 17.4685736431526

In the vicinity of the bridge over the River Mlada, on an isolated hill on the west from Vitina, on the ancient cemetery Na Mladima, at the end of the 19th century, there were noticed construction remains from the Roman period. The land around the cemetery towards Vitina is filled with the remains of the tiles and ceramics. More ancient explorers had located there the remains of the Roman farm (villa rustica). In the Saint Ilija chapel on Na Mladima, a Roman headstone is built in as a lintel (175 x 55 x 18 cm), the headstone was re-embossed and its label letters are well-erased. Still, if a more careful look is given at it, it can be noticed that the name of the decedent was Lucius Marcilius, who used to be a veteran of the 7th legion. Retired soldiers of the 7th legion had left to Ljubuški around ten headstones, all of them deriving from the first century.  

Around the chapel Na Mladima there is even nowadays a graveyard of biligs, among which some of them are richly decorated with the motif of vine, arcades, shields and crosses. Unfortunately, the time has left its trace and only few of them can be noticed above the ground. Some of them are built in the little church behind the chapel, and one part of them was drowned into the land. On the graveyard there are in total 25 biligs: 13 headstones, 10 chests, one dual plate, and one gabled tombstone. Among them there are also the ancient spolias