02. 02. 2016 @ Antonija Eremut

Slap Kravica, Studenci

Kategorija: prirodna baština GPS: LAT: 43.1565460621478 / LONG 17.6077211624268

River Trebižat created a 26-28m-high waterfall. The water amphitheater has a diameter of 120 m, and it has been under protection as a natural rarity since 1954. Limestone layer is covered with grass, moss and lichen, and along the waterfall there are poplar trees, chaste trees and figs. The water has created natural phenomena of limestone travertine and dark travertine moss. River Trebižat is not full of fish, and in the River Studenčica there are trouts, eels, carps and tenches. Communities of bushy and thorny plants, which form the bush, are the predominant ones.