02. 02. 2016 @ Antonija Eremut

Solin, Rižinice

Period: Antiquity/Middle Ages Category: cultural heritage GPS: LAT: 43.5546530318 / LONG 16.4982069656

Rižinice are one of the most important archaeological sites in Croatia. The discovery was made back in 1891 when one Solin peasant, working his land, found a part of an ornamented pediment of the altar screen with the beginning of the inscription PRO DUCE TREPIM...- For Prince Trpimir..., and he immediately took it to Father Frane Bulić. In the next couple of decades, until our time, the site was researched where they found the remains of various buildings (Roman architecture, church, residential and commercial premises- monastery, cemetery), dating from the ancient times and the Middle Ages. We are still waiting for interpretations of the latest researches and findings, but until then we assume that in Rižinice in 852 Croatian Prince Trpimir raised the first Benedictine monastery on the Croatian soil. The church and the monastery are located on the former site of the Roman times, of which there are a few around. The complex was built just near a Roman road which led from Salona, following Ilija's stream, to Klis where the Prince had his own residence. Prince Trpimir (845-864) is one of the most important Croatian medieval rulers and the founder of the Trpimirović dynasty, which ruled in Croatia for over 200 years. In his chart of 852, by which he endows the Split church, the prince is called ... by the Grace of God Prince of Croatians!

A hundred meters north of the site there are the remains of one of the many mills on Ilija's stream. This one was built during the 19th or early 20th century and was owned by the family Boban.