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Municipality of Klis

Category: tourist offer GPS: LAT: 43.5610490106 / LONG 16.5283710044

Klis is a settlement and municipality situated 10 kilometers north of Split. It arose at the foot of the medieval fortress and it is considered as a "key" of Dalmatian hinterland. Klis aims to become the central axis of the tourist promotion of the Dalmatian hinterland. In addition to the fortress, which represents one of the best preserved late-medieval and baroque fortification entities both in Croatia and Europe, Klis is known for its historical troop "Kliški uskoci", who continuously act on preserving tradition and whose collection of old weapons is protected as a movable cultural property of Republic of Croatia. The troop owns historical uniforms and organizes events aimed at the reconstruction Uskok battle for Klis.

Besides the rich cultural heritage, Municipality of Klis provides tourism facilities for active vacation - bike trails, thematic hiking tours and climbing on breathtaking cliffs. There are 200 kilometers of cycling paths which represent a unique experience due to the combination of nature, heritage and topography. We highlight the route that leads from the fortress of Klis to the river Jadro spring, a site where ecology, cultural heritage and industry overlap in an amazing manner. Among the thematic walking tours, we recommend the Roman roads, three of which lead from Solin to Klis. They are best preserved in the area of the archaeological site of Klapavice - Kurtovići. The section of the Roman road in the named area, together with the one in Dugopolje, includes 2 km of the Roman road leading from Salona (via Klis and Dugopolje plateau) to the interior of Dalmatia. The road was built by the imperial governor Publius Cornelius Dolabela in the first decade of the first century, and it was the first road built in this area. Widely used until the 7th century, it was often repaired and upgraded with secondary routes. Today, it is protected as immovable cultural heritage together with the fortress and the reception building at the railway station Klis on railway line Split-Sinj. The building represents a significant architecture in the context of the industrial heritage of the early 20th century.

If you are interested in getting in touch and learning about traditional architecture that formed the cultural landscape of Dalmatia, you should preferably visit village Nisko with sites of Dubočica and Rajčica. If you prefer climbing, the rock named “Markezina greda” is one of the real Dalmatian hot spots, which allows you to try all types of climbing.

Among the local population, Klis is best known for the traditional meal - lamb on a spit, which undoubtedly is the first gastronomic association of Klis.

Virtual tour Klis Fortress.

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