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City of Trilj

Category: tourist offer GPS: LAT: 43.619167 / LONG 16.723611

An outstanding location between the coast and deeper inland, as well as the highway Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik which passes through the Trilj region, places this area close to all the major tourist routes. Hence, the focus is again put on the area that has always been the intersection of the most important traffic directions of the wider region. Along the river banks, on the site of the most appropriate and most important crossing over the Cetina River since prehistoric times, and later Roman crossroads of important transport routes to Salona, ​​Narona and Argentaria, lays the center of today's city which has about 5,500 residents. Trilj is rich in beautiful landscapes and significant cultural heritage. At the nearby village Gardun there is a Roman military camp Tilurij; fortress Nutjak has guarded the canyon of the Cetina since 15th century while fort Čačvina, build in the 14th century on a cliff that is still called "Gradina” (“Hillfort”), used to oversee important inland communications. Museum of Trilj Region preserves archaeological, ethnographic, cultural, historical and numismatic collections with artifacts that tell the history and character of the whole area.

Apart from cultural tourism, Trilj province offers plenty of opportunities for active and adventure tourism. You can enjoy activities such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking and canoe safari on Cetina, horse riding, hiking, cycling and hiking.

Rich gastronomical heritage of Trilj province is manifested in a wide range of genuine dishes and preserved recipes, which were passed over from our forefathers. Traditional meals are namely trout from river Cetina, frogs and crabs, arambašići (indigenous small stuffed cabbage), boiled lamb, traditionally made veal under ‘’peka’’, polestar (young rooster) traditionally made under ‘’peka’’, koštradina (traditionally made dry sheep meat), wild game, pršut (traditionally made ham), sheep, goat and cow cheese (fresh, hard and cheese out of skin), fritters and so on.  

Tradition of Trilj’s region, rich social life and everyday routine is an inexhaustible source for souvenir motifs. The most memorable souvenir and also one of the town’s symbols is "grotulja". “Grotulja” is a string of walnuts threaded into a necklace. Legend says that if a boy likes a girl, he buys a "grotulja" for a gift and places it around her neck. Acceptance of "grotulja" is an acceptance of boy’s love. It is a tradition cherished since old times. Despite its original symbolism, "grotulja" today is gladly bought by all generations. 

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