06. 09. 2017 @ Antonija Eremut

Connecting Separated at BIT Milano 2017 fair

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The project and the whole cross-border area were presented at BIT Milano 2017, visited by 46.718 visitors, 1.850 journalists, 199 travel bloggers and 1496 exhibitors. Project Connecting Separated, National park Krka and Croatian Tourist Board were the only exhibitors from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Italy was chosen because lot of Italian tourists visit Dalmatia and Međugorje, so we promoted the project and the route in order to attract them to visit the less visited and less known parts of Dalmatian hinterland and Ljubuški instead of / together with the coastal area and sanctuary of Međugorje. On BIT Milano, we have distributed more than 1000 project booklets and maps, and representatives of tourist boards also distributed general promotional materials of Dalmatia and Herzegovina as tourist destinations. Video was continuously played on the monitor. Visitors of our stand were mostly physical persons, but we were also visited by tour operators that organize visits to Dalmatia and Herzegovina.

Municipality of Ljubuški rented a standard BIT stand, and together with two representatives of Tourist board of Solin (director Jelena Stupalo and tourism informer Maja Moskatelo) and two representatives of Tourist board of West Herzegovina County (Ante Begić and Ivana Buhač) promoted the project and the wider area of Dalmatia and Herzegovina on a three-day fair (2.-4.4.2017.) Project visibility materials, namely banner and the map, were featured on the stand. Visitors were given tourist maps and project booklets, as well as other promotional materials for Central Dalmatia, Solin, Ljubuški and West Herzegovina, provided by tourist boards. We have also made models of Roman coins as souvenirs and incentives to visitors of the Fair, to become visitors of our route.